Slow, simple living versus fast technology

And here it is. The real bottom line for those wanting to live a life in harmony and according to the laws of nature. MUST we and HOW CAN we live according to nature and, at the same time, exist within our fast-paced, high-tech, modern, first-world society? We hear of the electromagnetic frequencies emanating from our computers and cell phones into every cell of our being, causing us to suffer a strange kind of high-strung exhaustion that we recognize as true yet can’t necessarily scientifically pinpoint and prove (partly because we don’t want to know). We’re exhausted but so tightly wound that we can’t relax (without one substance or another). And we’re used to it. We think it’s how we’re supposed to feel. We wonder why our adrenals are wiped out by the time we’re 40 years old. Even as adults, our hormones are as wrecked, and our moods are as volatile and erratic, as they were when we were in middle school. Or probably actually much worse.

But what to do? No matter what we do or how, is there any escaping our escalation into the technological abyss? Mustn’t we get in bed with it all? From our “bright” and wired houses to  the so-called “social media,” (a phrase which I hope has elsewhere been debated for its validity), are we soliciting it or being solicited by it? Do we need or want it, or are we just being told we do? Is it a game we kind of think we’d like to check out, but one that draws us more and more deeply in? Do we just use it because we feel like we HAVE to in order to keep our non-profits and small businesses growing and competing? And if we’re using it and finding that it leads us to new customers, then does that mean we cannot stop ourselves from feeling compelled to use it even more–the hours and powers of our lives being overtaken and infringed upon by the subtle power of a glowing blue screen that draws us further and further into its matrix?

I just wonder if it’s healthy. Everything about it is in such contrast to our natural instincts to be physically close to one another; to communicate directly; to be outside; to run, jump and play; to wake when the sun rises and to retire when it sets. Sure, we can get by without honoring these parts of our human nature. However, these physical aspects of coexistence have proven themselves to be vital components of full development. Some things cannot be learned from a computer screen or a digital reader.

What do you think? Can we find a healthy balance between living simply and living digitally? If so, how? Do you know of scientific research indicating how we’ve been affected? I hope to explore this more.


About Lauressa

Marketer and Public Relations Specialist, Copywriter, Journalist, Organic Foods Specialist, Local Foods Activist, Transition Movement Supporter, Social Media & Blogging Investigator, Yogini, Animal Lover, Outdoors Enthusiast
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One Response to Slow, simple living versus fast technology

  1. Amanda More says:

    I love your post. A good sign is that we can always question and consider our lives. Either while being super productive for cash or while following our hearts we can still always allow ourselves permission to think. Easy answers are for the very young and with maturity we can weigh options. Here is a link to a book on costs and food

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