Using technology to grow sustainability

My last entry’s question has brought some of its own answers into my life-sphere. Resources linking technology with simple living have popped up in the most unexpected places lately.

When I volunteered at Homegrown Coop this past Thursday, I checked out their info table and stumbled upon a really cool manual called “Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement.” Wow! What a cool find! I’m not sure who got a stack of these, but I know that Emily Ruff is always on the receiving end of tasty pages as she runs the  Florida School of Holistic Living and its library which is well-stocked with every influential book ever written about natural and sustainable living, herbal medicine, organically-grown food and more. Anyhow, this Cultivating the Web “booklet  contains many of the best web resources for foodies, farmers and activists, and highlights some of the smartest ways that new media is being used to grow the sustainable food movement.” And yes, it can be downloaded here. They’ve got a blog called the Green Fork (submit to

I’ll end with closing quote from the booklet’s editors’ note: “We may be going back to the land, but many of us are bringing our laptops and smartphones.”

What do you think?


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One Response to Using technology to grow sustainability

  1. Geoff says:

    Thanks for the tip. Every step I take as I try to realign my life begins with web research and tapping into collective thinking. It was hard, at first, to find information. But every day, more eyes open.

    I’ll read through the EWG next. Thanks again!

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