Cosmic connection: the feeling you cannot get from a computer

This week, more cosmic clues in the search balance between real and virtual life in the form of real-life reminders.

  1. Moving the body–especially outdoors–brings you to life.
    I took my dog on a long walk to my community garden the other day. I noticed so many little things along the way that make me laugh or think or even surprise me. It’s about being totally in the moment and being able to notice things around you that you’d never notice in a car or from inside a room. Walking my dog at least an hour a day means I touch grass and dirt everyday; I see birds and insects flying; I note seasonal changes in what’s blooming and what birds are migrating and what fish are spawning.
  2.  Experiencing people in real life means you have to deal with them and in doing so, you must overcome your own expectations of them and your own prejudices and limitations in communication.
  3. Right place. Right time.
    In real life, you don’t “stumble upon;” instead you are “where you’re meant to be.”
  4. Instead of “googling”/searching, try being open.
    However, you must not just be open, you must feel that you deserve to receive. You’ve got to feel good enough and keep the head held high in order to receive. Otherwise, you’re closed to what the Universe is trying to hand you. I find it helpful to repeat the mantra: “I’m open to all the miracles and goodness Life (God or the Universe) has to offer.” Fill in your higher power of choice and go!
  5. Using the voice by chanting or singing brings you to another place. You could try singing and chanting along with your computer, but a whole room full of people feels a heck of alot more powerful.

    When do you feel most cosmically connected?

About Lauressa

Marketer and Public Relations Specialist, Copywriter, Journalist, Organic Foods Specialist, Local Foods Activist, Transition Movement Supporter, Social Media & Blogging Investigator, Yogini, Animal Lover, Outdoors Enthusiast
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